Get untangled and cleaned up

Imagine that you walk into your home one day and you notice how messy it is.  There are dirty clothes laying around and all tangled together.  There is clutter everywhere you look.  Somebody has been using things and not putting them away.  Somebody else hasn’t been doing enough cleaning and washing the dishes.

So you call your expert service to help you out.  You take some time for yourself while they get things back in order.  Sounds terrific, doesn’t it?

When you come back, you realize the mess had been bigger than you thought.  Not only were the big problems taken care of, but other smaller things that hadn’t been as noticeable before were also.  Your expert service providers were thorough and everything now looks great.

You realize it has been quite a while since everything was cleaned and put away properly.  You like it this way and decide to stay on top of things and not it get so messy again.

Now instead of your home, think about yourself.  Your muscles are all stiff, tight, and feel all tangled and knotted up.  Your mind feels cluttered which makes it hard to concentrate.

So now call your other expert – your massage therapist.  Again you can have some time for yourself with no responsibilities while I do the work.  Your muscles will find relief and can go back to their natural positions.  The quiet time for yourself can help you clear the clutter from your mind, providing stress relief and allow you to think clearly again.

I will give attention to the areas you say need it, but you may find that other areas were in need of work too.  You just weren’t aware of them since the main problem bothered you so much.  I will be thorough and when you are done you can feel much better.

Regular massage helps you to keep feeling great.  Just like your home, a big tangled mess and lots of clutter takes longer to clear up.  Once you feel good after a massage, keep it going by coming back on a set schedule.  A nice bonus is that you always have your next massage to look forward to.

Are you ready to start?  Contact me and you can get untangled and the clutter cleared.

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Advantages of getting a massage at a small business

You have many choices on where to go for a massage.  You can go to a local or national chain, a spa or resort, or a small business.  The biggest advantage of going somewhere other than a small business is availability.  The bigger the business, the better your chances are of getting in on late notice.  That convenience typically comes with a trade-off of a higher price or not getting your favorite massage therapist.  I discussed the question of if massage chains are a good deal for you here.

Why get a massage at a small business?

You can get your massage from the same person every time.  The more I work with you, and the more I know about what you do and what has helped you before, the better results you will get.  You won’t have to fill out new paperwork and explain your health background every time.  I’ll keep notes on your history so I can know what happened in previous visits and your results.  I will learn your preferences and use the pressure, temperature, and music that you like.

A small business will do their main service very well.  I do massage.  I don’t do nails or hair (well, I will if you want, but I don’t think you will like it).  I focus my attention and continuing education on how to provide the best massage I can.  I learn new techniques and investigate and experiment with new tools.  When I notice a trend of a condition that people have, I review more anatomy and methods to help.

My attention is not divided on multiple choices.  When a business invests in something new, they want to get a return on that investment.  Your cost at a big business may be higher and you may be paying for services that you are not using.  I want to take care of your main problem when you come in.  If I succeed in that, you will come back.

You are an important person – not a number or a 3:00 appointment.  Since there are so many options for massage, small businesses must provide great customer service.  I care about you as a person and I want to help.  You are not just another customer.  When you call, you will talk to me and not be directed through a maze of phone options.  Your emails are answered by me – a person, not a big company employee.

Small businesses are important to your community.  Your money goes to a local business, which then gets spent locally.  Supporting one small business helps to support multiple businesses in your area.  The money doesn’t go to a corporate headquarters in another state or even another country.

If getting a massage from somebody who cares about you, gives you great customer service, and does an outstanding massage sounds good, check out a small business like mine.

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Advantages of working with a male massage therapist

Given the choice between a male and female massage therapist with similar skills, most people will choose to go to a female.  Have you have ever thought about getting a massage from a male?  There are some benefits that you may not have considered, so give these ideas some thought.  There are exceptions to the generalizations I discuss.

My main point here is this – don’t let the gender of the therapist be the deciding factor of whom you get your massage from.    Men and women go to the same schools and get the same education, go through the same licensing procedure, and must obey the same laws and ethical principles.  Their skills, not gender, will determine the quality of massage you get.

Some people prefer male therapists, thinking they may be stronger.

When I talk to people about their massage experience at other places, the top complaint is that the therapist didn’t use enough pressure.  They left feeling like they didn’t get enough out of their massage when it was over.

If you take an average man and woman, generally the man is stronger.  There are techniques for using more pressure when needed that anyone can use, and I have had great massages from women who don’t appear to be very strong.  Strength lets me use a firmer pressure that feels like a regular massage movement, and not like digging in with an elbow.

I also have touch as well as strength.  Just because I can use a lot of pressure doesn’t mean I will on every part of your body all of the time.  I will use the pressure necessary to help you.  You shouldn’t be in pain during your massage and be sore for days after.

I can do a 90 minute deep tissue massage without tiring out at the end.  Concerned that your massage is just after I’ve done a 90 minute deep tissue massage?  Have no fear, I will be able to give you what you need in your massage too.

Some people prefer male therapists, thinking they understand pain from activity.

Again generally, men do more physical things.   We move furniture and refrigerators.  We shovel snow, dig holes, chop firewood, carry heavy things, play basketball, and other very strenuous activities.  This is not to say that women can’t, don’t, or shouldn’t do any of these, but usually men do them more.

If you are sore from something like this, I have a good understanding of how you feel.  I have had that sore spot in my lower back so I know what feels good and what will help it.

Of course, the opposite is true.  I can read and talk to people about pain from pregnancy or wearing heels, but since I haven’t experienced it I can’t completely understand.  I do a lot of research and discuss how things feel with people, but if a female therapist is a better fit for you because of an issue like this that they understand better, then you may be better off working with her.

Men have to be very good.

There is a bias against male massage therapists.  People wonder about the motives of a male therapist – are they a creep or a pervert, or worse?  Looking for cheap thrills?  They wonder if they can trust a man to massage them without anything more happening.

I experience this on occasion.  Somebody calls for an appointment and we get a time set up.  Then they ask if there is a female therapist.  When I say no, some just hang up and some say they will get back to me – which they never do.

I understand some people have had something happen to them in their history that would make getting a massage from a male difficult and unproductive.  If going to a woman is best for them, I’m all for that.

Since I’m fighting an uphill battle from the start, I have to be very good at everything I do.  I have to provide top-notch customer service, make sure the draping is always right, and give you an exceptional massage experience.  I am continually adding to my education and trying new things to improve your massage.

I have to treat people professionally but also in a friendly and caring manner.  I need to make you comfortable and put your mind at ease and allow you to wear whatever you want in your massage.  I want you to come back and recommend me to your friends and family, so I must leave no doubt at all that I can be trusted and I know what I am doing – and that it’s worth trying me out.

I’m not asking for sympathy here – just some understanding.  Do some checking and find answers to your questions.  You may find that you get better results from a male.  What other advantages have you noticed?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Massage is like having a personal chef

A good massage is like having a meal prepared for you by a professional chef.

If you don’t have a personal chef today, then imagine what it would be like.  Let’s give your cook a chef-like name, like Pierre, or Bubba.  He is professional, highly skilled, and it makes him happy to see you enjoying his cooking.

First, Pierre would talk to you about what you want.  He would get what he needs and make the preparations and work to have the meal ready for when you want to eat.  You are ordering just for yourself today, so you don’t need to be concerned with what your friends or family want.

Pierre will cook it and season it how you want.  He is not cooking for himself – he is cooking for you, so what you want is what matters.  You can order a steak rare or well done, and that is what you will get.

Let’s say Pierre has some specialties.  He makes outstanding crepes.  What if you want an omelet instead of crepes?  Then that’s what he will make.  He has the capability to make an entire gourmet meal, but if you want something simple, he can do that too.

Pierre won’t do anything to harm you.  If you ask for something dangerous to you, he may warn you or refuse for your safety.  Since he is a trained professional, he may have more knowledge about food than you.  He may offer suggestions of something that you hadn’t heard of before that you may enjoy.  You can try it if you want, but it’s your decision.

Pierre won’t blab on and on about his problems, or ask you a lot of questions.  He will be happy to talk to you if you wish, but if you just want to relax for a while as he works, that’s fine.  You are not here to entertain him.

You can relax free of guilt while he prepares it.  Pierre is an experienced and skilled professional, so everything is great and you can leisurely enjoy the experience of eating.  It brings him satisfaction to know that he has done a good job and provided what you needed.  Finally, when you are done, he will do all of the clean up.

A good massage therapist approaches your appointment the same way.  I am here for you to give you what you want today.  I will be ready for you when you come in.  I’ll adjust the temperature to how you like it, and I will use the amount of pressure you want.  I want to know how to give you what you need today, so communication is important both before we start and during the massage.

You are getting a massage for a reason – and it’s not to make me happy.  It’s all about you.  I’ll spend more time on a problem area if you want and adjust your massage each time according to what you need.

I’ll keep your safety in mind.  There are a few conditions that massage can make worse, so as we talk I will advise you of that.  I also have experience with working with a lot of bodies, so I may notice something and offer a suggestion to help you with the pain you have.

This is what I do and I love it.  I want you to walk out thinking what a great massage you had and look forward to coming back again.  It’s your time to just relax and be taken care of, so there’s nothing to feel guilty about.

Are you ready to order?  Think about what you want, then give me a call.  You don’t have to do anything to prepare, and I’ll take care of the clean up afterwards.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

Give massage another chance

Some people love massage.  They talk about how much they look forward to it, how much it helps them, and how great their massage therapist is.  They may strongly encourage you to go also.  You may be hesitant because of a previous massage experience that was less than stellar.

Have you had a poor experience with massage?  One that left you feeling “meh” and thinking it wasn’t worth the time and the money?  Did you walk out feeling disappointed instead of feeling great?

Some have had a bad experience with massage.  The pressure was either too light, so it wasn’t effective, or too hard, leaving you in pain during the massage and for a day or more afterwards.  You think – “I paid to feel worse?”.

Some people get a massage while traveling either as a treat or to help them feel better.  Depending on where you go, you can be in for a big surprise with what you get, particularly if you are outside of the country.  The techniques may be radically different; the amount of formal training can vary widely, and draping may be minimal or even non-existent, as well as many other factors in a massage experience.

You may be wondering why your friends rave on about how great massage is when you didn’t get much out of it.

Don’t let one bad or unimpressive experience keep you from getting the massage you need.

Your massage is your timeYou get to decide on how much pressure is used; on spending extra time on a painful area you have; on the temperature or other factors to make it more enjoyable for you.  Although your massage therapist likely has more knowledge of the body than you, it is your body (and time and money).  Make your desires known before the massage starts so you can walk out feeling great.   Do you tend to be cool or cold?  I’ll be happy to turn up the table warmer or pull out a blanket for you.

You also may have run into some unprofessional behavior.  Maybe the therapist wasn’t prepared on time, wasn’t attentive to you, or didn’t provide good customer service.  Like in any other profession, those people eventually lose their clients and their job or business.  It doesn’t mean it is typical of all in the industry.

Think of your favorite food – you know, the one you really look forward to enjoying.  Now imagine that the first time you had it, it wasn’t prepared properly.  Maybe it was undercooked, or slightly burned.  Maybe there was too much salt.  Maybe you had it at a restaurant, and while the food was good, the service or atmosphere was not.

Now, think if you never tried it again after one bad episode.  Your friends would probably try to convince you to give it another try.  Now that you know how good it really is when done properly, how much would you regret it if you never tried it again?

What if the first movie you saw was awful?  If you didn’t watch another, you would have missed some outstanding work – performances that you remember for years, that can change the way you think or feel about an issue.

You would also miss some other awful movies – but now you know more about what ones to see and weed out the ones that you don’t think will appeal to you.

Do the same thing with massage.  Listen to your friends who get massage.  They can tell you things to look for and avoid, and will likely be happy to share their favorite massage therapist with you.  Do a little research.  Check out the massage therapist and the business online and give them a call with any questions you may have.

Massage is a great way to help you feel good so you can do the things you want to do.  Don’t let pain or stress stop you when a solution is available.  If you have had an unsatisfactory massage experience, do some checking and give it another try.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at


Who I am afraid of

There is somebody who I am afraid of.  It’s probably not who you may think of at first.

It’s not a monster like a werewolf, or a person out to do me harm, although like most people who work on their own I have to be aware of my surroundings and look out for my safety.  I don’t think about those things much.  I do think quite a bit about the scariest person – the customer who doesn’t come back.

I want everything about your time with me and in my office to be outstanding.  I want you to feel great from the massage work you receive.  I want you to feel safe at all times and confident in my qualifications.  I want you to know you are an important person to me, that I care about you, and that I will give you my full attention while you are here.  I want you to come back because life events will make your muscles hurt and cause you stress and I know how much relief massage provides.

If there is something – anything – that you don’t like about your massage, I want to know.  If it is during your massage speak up and I will make adjustments.  I can adjust the pressure or temperature or music or draping as much as I can.  It doesn’t matter to me what the temperature is, and I know each person has their own comfort zone.

I get massages too.  I know what it is like to be on the table.  I really look forward to my massages and want to feel great when it is done.  I know that you are coming in with pain and stress and you want to leave without them.  I don’t want to do anything to add more to what you have.

If you tell me not to massage some area, then I won’t.  Obviously private areas are off limits to me. If you don’t want your feet touched, just let me know and I will respect your wishes.  We will talk before starting about what you want today, and I will adjust the massage accordingly.  Do you want extra time on your back or neck?  That’s fine – just let me know and I’ll do it.

If there is something you don’t like about your massage, chances are good that somebody else feels the same way.  If you don’t say anything, I may not  know a change is needed.  If you don’t let your me know your preferences, you will get the same disappointing results.

If there was something unsatisfactory with my service to you, I want to know so I can improve it.

I respect your privacy.  Although I am used to seeing and touching bodies, this may be a new or uncommon experience for you to have a different person touching you.  I want you to be relaxed, so wear whatever you want during your massage.

Many businesses fail because they don’t listen to their customers.  I want to know what you think.  When I ask how things are, don’t say “OK” or “fine” or “good” if they are not.  Nobody has hurt my feelings yet, and I don’t think you will be the first.

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Revealing the secret Massage Code

Everybody likes some inside information, having the scoop, and being let in on a secret.

Massage Therapists, like Magicians, have their own code.  Have you ever wondered why they ask the questions they do and what they really want to know?  Here’s your chance to learn more.

I revealed it on another blog that I contribute to.  Click here to read all about it while you can (it may disappear if the wrong people find out what I’ve done).

What other questions do you have about massage and massage therapists?  Leave a comment and I’ll address those also.

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Should massage hurt?

No pain, no gain?  No way!

Have you had a massage experience that was painful to go through and left you sore for a day or more after?  Some people have and it either keeps them from coming back as often as they could use it, or ever getting another massage.  They wonder why they should voluntarily pay somebody to hurt them.

Massage doesn’t have to hurt to be effective.  In fact, it can be far more effective when it doesn’t hurt.  When you are in pain you tense your muscles to protect yourself – the opposite effect massage is trying to produce.

Massage is not a contest to see how tough you are – gritting your teeth, counting down the minutes until it is over and enduring it.  It is to allow your muscles and mind to relax and allow your body to heal itself.  It reminds you of how good your body can feel.

Why do some massages hurt?  As in any profession, not everybody has the same amount or quality of training.  But just because one person is not as skilled as they should be doesn’t mean the product is bad.  If one person burns the cookies that doesn’t mean all cookies will be bad.

Also, some massage customers believe that it has to hurt to be effective and continue to ask for more pressure.  An experienced and well-trained massage therapist will have a good idea by feeling your muscles how much pressure is needed and how long to work on an area.  I will try to give you what you need during your massage, but will also be thinking about how you will feel later.  I don’t want you in pain or sore the next day.

“Deep tissue” massage is another issue.   In my experience when customers discuss other places they have visited for massage, they complain that the therapist did not use enough pressure.  That leads some to schedule a deep tissue massage to ensure that they don’t get a massage of only light touch.

Deep does not mean pain. In some areas of the body there are layers of muscles.  By first warming up the top layers, the deeper muscles can be worked on without pain.

Obviously if an area is already hurting when you come in it can hurt to work on it.  If that is the case, we will talk about the approach before starting and continue during the session.  Some conditions should be checked by a doctor before a massage is performed.

My approach is to use the pressure that you want and that I feel the area needs.  I will use more pressure in one area than another.  I’ll ask before starting about your preference on the amount of pressure to use.  I will ask a few times how the pressure is feeling – so please be honest.  I want your massage to be great.  I want you to get excellent results so you feel good again and come back.  You won’t hurt my feelings or insult me by asking to adjust the pressure.  I will also be observant for clues on how it feels.  Do you look and feel relaxed or are you looking uncomfortable?  This is your time, so make it count!

If you have had a poor or painful experience elsewhere, consider this – I’ve never had an unhappy customer!

My friend Paola also addresses this idea.  Click this link to read it.

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Massage and price

One of the first questions some people ask when they call me is about the price for a massage.  While I understand that for some massage can be a big (but worthwhile) expense, price shouldn’t be the deciding factor on where to go.

Many times the cheapest or lowest priced product or service is not the best choice.  We don’t buy the cheapest vehicle, food, medicine, clothing, or place to live.  Why?  Because we want a certain value for our money.  Let’s consider a car.  We want reliability and safety.  We want it to start when we get in on a dark and cold night.  We want it to keep running until we make it home safely.  We don’t want to have to keep taking it back for repairs.  Saving some money initially can end up costing much more over time.

We want somebody providing a service to have the proper skills and experience so it is done correctly the first time.  We want the service done by a trustworthy, reliable person.   It gives us confidence and peace of mind knowing the problem will be taken care of, and if there are further issues, those will be dealt with quickly.

You may find somebody who offers a massage for a lower price.  You may want to consider why their price is lower.  Are they licensed?  Not everybody in Ohio is.  How much experience do they have?  Do they have the skills to take care of the problem you need worked on?  Do they work out of their home, or in yours?  This can involve how safe you feel during your massage.  Do they have the right degree of professionalism?

Price is not the only consideration when making a decision on who to see for your massage.  You can pay a lot or a little and get poor service or something that doesn’t fit your needs.  Massage is very personal.  Do you want somebody that you know you can trust or the person who will do it for the lowest price?

It’s always important to remember – You get what you pay for.  This is true in massage as with the rest of life.   Visit my web site through the link at the end to learn more about me.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

Massage daily deal problems – Part 2

Those massage daily deals look so good.  Get a massage and save loads of money too.  Part 1 looked at some problems buyers of these deals have had.  You can read it here.  Not all people and business have problems and the deal works out well for some.  There are quite a few that do run into the issues that are discussed in these two posts.

In the gripping conclusion, let us continue our examination of why your deal isn’t as great as you thought.

If your deal was for an hour massage, do you get an hour?   For some your massage time is not an hour – the clock started ticking when you started talking to your therapist, before you are even on the table.  Some deals are less than an hour, like 45 or 50 minutes.  It says in the deal details (you did read the details, right?).  The deal price is lower but you also got less time.

Is there time to talk to therapist for what you need?  If you have neck or back pain, do you want just the standard massage or do you want it customized for your issue?  Some places are so booked up with these deals there is no time for anything out of the ordinary.  Do you want your massage to be ordinary or great?

Who will your therapist be?  Do you have a choice?  Will it be somebody right out of school or inexperienced?  Are they properly licensed?  Even if it’s a business that has a therapist you like working with, you may not get them.  It simply is not productive if you don’t get what you need out of the appointment.

There is much to be gained by you and your therapist knowing each other.  By working with the same person, they will get to know your problem areas, preferences in temperature, pressure, music, and conversation during the massage.  Massage is your time to get what you need so you can walk out feeling great.  If you are not listened to or you don’t feel cared for, I don’t think that is a good deal.

If you are considering a daily deal, check out at least a little about the company before buying.  What is their reputation like?  What kind of reviews do they have?  Do they appear professional looking with their website and social media presence?  You didn’t just see the deal and click buy, did you?

If you had an unsatisfactory experience with a massage daily deal, please don’t let that stop you from trying massage again.  The daily deal experience is not usually the way most places operate.  Do some research and find a business and therapist you are confident in and feel comfortable with.  Massage can be a great way to manage pain and stress.  There are great people and companies who want to help you.

You might buy a daily deal and have a wonderful experience with no problems at all.  If so, congratulations, and please continue to support them since they treated you right.  However, many find they didn’t get much of a deal, and they would have been much better off paying regular price with their favorite business and therapist.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at