Top 10 reasons you need a massage

Here are today’s Top 10 reasons to get a massage at Main Street Massage…
10 – There are no passwords required
9 – Little old ladies help you across the street
8 – You have more snaps, crackles, and pops than a bowl of breakfast cereal
7 – There’s not an app for it
6 – You regularly buy items to replace ones that have dropped to the floor because it hurts too much to pick them up
5 – No dogs, cats, or howler monkeys are permitted in the massage room
4 – Your back is so stiff carpenters use it to check their levels for accuracy
3 – Geysers have less pressure than you
2 – The Wall Street Journal reports on your purchases of Advil as a percentage of company sales
And the Number One reason to get a massage…
1 – Your muscles are more tangled than a box of Christmas lights put away by a three year old in need of a nap
Which one fits you?

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Hi, I’m Barry, a Licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.

I haven’t stopped writing but I have changed where.  I updated my web site and added my blog to it.  All of the posts from here have been transferred to it, and all of my new posts will be on my web site blog

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Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.  I have lots of good ideas for more posts so you can expect me to continue with my blog.

I’d like to share on this blog information mainly related to massage and health, with some humor and inspiration mixed in.

I really believe in the benefits of massage.  I think many people are living with pain that can be helped.  Some physical pain can be greatly relieved by massage.  It also makes people more aware of what they are doing with their bodies, and seemingly small adjustments at work or home can make a big difference.

Massage is also a great way to deal with stress.  Stress is a huge problem in our society, but it can be managed.  Bring it in with you, and leave it with me.  It’s a great way to clear your mind and get your priorities back where you want them.

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