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What is a hot stone massage?

A common picture used in massage advertising is a person with stones placed on them.  They seem remarkably happy that somebody took the effort to lay stones on their body.  Apparently these stones have incredible qualities that allows them to relax completely and remove all of their stress and muscle pain.

There is usually no explanation of why there are stones on them.  Are they there for a purpose?  Is it for decoration?  Is it an inside joke by massage therapists to see how many people they can get to do it?  Let’s find out.

There many different methods of performing hot stone massage.  I’ll just talk about the way I use them here.

Hot stones do indeed have a purpose.  The advantages they provide are warmth, increased pressure, and increased accessibility to muscles.

Warmth is soothing and calming to your body and mind.  It helps you to relax faster.  While hot stones feel good any time of the year, they can warm you up quickly when you come in on a cold day.  You will absorb some of the heat from the stones which allows your muscles to relax and can make the massage more effective.

Stones are hard, so I can use them to add extra pressure if needed.  Some muscles are deeper and underneath muscles near the surface.  The extra pressure can help in working those deeper muscles.

Stones can make it easier to get to places near bones that are hard to reach with my hands, or hard to use much pressure on with my hands alone.

Your hot stone massage will feel a lot like a regular massage.  The stones fit into my hands so there is still contact from my hands.  One difference is that when the stones lose their heat I will put them back in the warmer and get new warm ones out.

Special stones of smooth basalt are used that work well with heat.  They don’t crack and hurt you.  They do get very warm so if it is ever too hot for you speak up immediately.  I’ll have them in my hands before they touch you and I can cool them off before using them if needed.

Hot stone massage is not for you if you are a very warm-natured person or have a medical condition that heat makes worse.

If you try it and don’t like it as much as a regular massage, that’s fine.  Just let me know anytime and I will continue with the rest of your time with a regular massage.  Your massage is your time to get what you want.  You are not stuck with having to do an entire massage with hot stones if you do not care for them.

Some time is needed to get the stones warmed and set up so they are ready when you come in.  Just let me know in advance that you want to use them and I’ll have it ready for you.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at


When there’s an event that’s important to us we make sure to put it in our schedule.  We may put it in our phone, write it on a paper calendar, write a note, tell somebody to remind us so we don’t forget it, or all of the above.  It is important to us even if it doesn’t seem to be to somebody else.  Is a sixth-grade music performance important to the world?  Probably not – but it is to you and your sixth-grader.

We plan our lives around the important things.  We make sure we make it to work when expected.  Parents get their kids home in time for them to get them in bed and ready for school the next day.  They get them up, dressed, and ready and send them off to school in the mornings and go to as many of their events as they can.

We plan dinners and entertainment.  Some restaurants require reservations to get into.  Meals we make at home turn out better if we get the ingredients in advance instead of making a mad dash to the store.  If you are going to a concert, show, or sporting event you usually need tickets in advance.  You don’t want to miss on a fun night out so you make arrangements so you can be there.

Everybody loves a great vacation.  It’s good to get a break from your normal responsibilities.  It’s interesting to see new things and have new experiences.  It’s nice to see friends and family that you haven’t seen for a while.   You need to schedule time off of work, your trip, accommodations, and other details for while you are gone.

When  you don’t schedule in the important things, they get missed. 

It’s easy to fill up your life with smaller matters that seem important at the time.  When you look back at it later you realize you would have much rather spent your time on something else and with somebody else.  You realize that you would have been happier and better off if you would have gone on a vacation, spent more time with family and friends, and had a few more fun nights out.

People come in for a massage and they feel great.  They are reminded that they could feel this way more often and have good intentions about coming in regularly.  Some do and they benefit more from regular massage then an occasional one.  Others let time slip by and let many months go by between appointments.  When they come in they have a high level of stress and a lot of muscle soreness, stiffness, and pain that they could have been living without.

The people who get regular massage schedule it into their lives.  They are often busy people, working and with families, but they schedule time to get themselves taken care of.  They aren’t retired or living a life of ease and luxury.  They are a lot like you.  They just have made the choice that they want to improve the quality of their life and include massage and other activities in their plans.

One thing that can help is to schedule your next massage before you leave.  If you at least get it penciled in you are more likely to make it.  You can change it if you need and you will feel better knowing it’s already set and you can plan around it.

How important is how you feel to you?  If you haven’t been including massage and self-care in your plans, the good news is that you can start now.  Contact me and let’s get started.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at


We all have things that we rely on others to do for us.  Some may be things that we can’t do for ourselves and others are things that we could do but we are willing to pay for the skill, knowledge, and expertise of another.  They can do a better job and get it done much faster than if we did it all ourselves.  We even rely on people that we don’t know – strangers – for very important matters.

Let’s consider a few examples.

“I needed a hair cut so I let some stranger cut it.”

“I had a problem with my car so I let some stranger work on it.”

“I took my money to the bank and handed it over to a stranger.”

“I had an important legal issue so I talked to a stranger about it and followed their advice.”

“I wasn’t feeling well so I went to see a stranger.  They examined me and told me what to do.  They gave me a prescription which I took to a stranger at a pharmacy.  They gave me a bottle of pills that were made by strangers in a company and approved by a group of strangers in the government.”

“I was hungry so I went to a restaurant.  A stranger prepared some food for me, which had been grown and processed by other strangers.”

“I was in a dangerous situation so I called for a stranger with a gun to come and help.”

Hold on!” you say.  “I can’t know everybody who has an impact on me.”

“Well”, I say, “why do you trust these strangers with such important things like your money, legal issues, your food and health?”

Because,” you say, “they are professionals, have training, and are qualified.  Their reputation and business depends on them treating me properly.


One objection to massage I hear is that people are hesitant in trusting a stranger to touch them.  We have just seen though that you let other strangers touch you.  Massage Therapists don’t have as much training as doctors or some other medical professionals, but we there are educational requirements to allow us to be licensed.

Wait,” you say.  “Some massage businesses and individuals do more than just massage.

That’s true.  But like any industry just because one person does it doesn’t mean everybody does.  Please,  if you know or suspect that is happening turn them in.  Make a call or send a message to the police or the state licensing board.  My fellow legitimate massage therapists and I want those places and people shut down.  They hurt my business and keep people who need a real massage away.

Of course massage is not the only industry with people who break the law.  The news is filled with businesses who try to take advantage of people.  Highly trained people such as lawyers and doctors get caught in scandals.  Companies such as banks, food producers, and pharmaceutical companies have been caught performing illegal or unethical practices.

If you want a massage, what can you do?  The same things you do with anything else important to you.  Get recommendations from friends.  Do some research online about the person or business.  Ask questions by calling or emailing.  I am happy to answer questions so you can feel comfortable when you come in.

I believe in massage and in the many benefits it provides and I want to help you.  I work hard at being somebody you can trust.   Let’s talk, or make an appointment, so I won’t be a stranger any more.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

Adventures in drying my massage sheets

As a licensed massage therapist with my own business I do a lot of laundry.  It’s mostly the sheets that are used during  massage appointments.  I lug them home, wash, dry, and fold them, and lug them back again.  It’s just another part of the job.  It’s not a big deal and I don’t mind doing it.

Except for the drying stage.

Drying is easy” you may be thinking and with the modern convenience of a clothes dryer that should be the case.  However my dryer seems to have along with Regular and Delicate a Prison Break setting, which I can’t access to turn off.  I put in the sheets one at a time and untwist them from their adventures in the washer.  When I check them part way through they are tangled and tied together like somebody is about to used them to make an escape rope.  I have to untangle, untwist, and untie them again.  I put them back in the dryer with a stern warning that if they keep that up they can’t help me with the massages any more.  They don’t listen.

As I was untangling sheets one day I thought of the muscle knots I see and thought the two were similar.  I take care of my sheets and I’m careful when putting them in the washer and dryer.  Just the nature of the process makes in inevitable that some of them are going to get tangled up.

You can take care of your muscles but the things you do in life makes it likely that eventually you are going to have some pain, soreness, or stiffness.  Even if you take good care of yourself your muscles need some maintenance.

If I didn’t untangle the sheets it would take much, much longer for them to dry.  It would cost more that way and wouldn’t be efficient at all.  The tangles would get worse and the knots would get tighter and harder to get undone.  It would add more wear and tear on both the sheets and the dryer.  My sheets like a good challenge and would probably look for new ways to tie themselves together.

If you don’t untangle your muscles they don’t work as well.  Yes you can keep functioning but eventually something is going to start hurting.  You will be able to do things but not quite as well.  Other muscles will also start to hurt as you try to adjust and compensate what you do because of the original pain.

Massage helps you get your muscles untwisted, untied, and untangled.  If you feel like you have been through a few cycles in a dryer, massage helps with that too.  When you come in for your massage you can relax in knowing the sheets on the table are clean and dry.   They have never tried to tie themselves to anybody – even me when I get a massage.

Barry is a licensed massage therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson Ohio.  You can learn more at


Massage and Spaghetti

What kind of spaghetti are you?  Since I’m not a chef let’s keep it simple and think only about cooked and uncooked spaghetti.

Uncooked spaghetti is stiff, rigid, and unyielding.  It has very little flexibility.  It bends a little but it quickly snaps with just a little pressure.  That’s fine for spaghetti but it’s not so good if your body feels that way.

Cooking the spaghetti causes a complete change.  The noodles are now floppy and loose.  The stiffness and rigidity is gone.  They are now flexible and free to move any way you want them to.

Something had to happen to cause this drastic change.  If you buy a box of noodles and leave it in the cabinet for a long time they will stay in the same condition.  They don’t change on their own.  In this case dropping them into hot water and the cooking process changes them.

Now think about your muscles.  Are they like uncooked noodles?  Are they stiff with little flexibility?  They weren’t always like that and they don’t have to stay that way.  They don’t become loose and limber on their own though.  Just like the spaghetti, something has to happen to them to cause them to change.

Massage can be the change you need.  It can allow your muscles to go from a rigid, inflexible state to a relaxed one.  Massage helps ease your pains and lets your muscles relax back into their natural positions where they work best.  Your muscles won’t become completely limp, which is a good thing since you will want to use them again after the massage, but they will be much more ready for use.

Let massage help you.  While a little warmth helps, it doesn’t involve tossing you into boiling water and then covering you with tomato sauce.  Just a nice warm, quiet room to give your muscles and mind some relief.

Barry is a licensed massage therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson Ohio.  You can learn more at

100 things massage is better than

This is post 100 on my blog!  Thanks for reading along and for the encouraging words to continue with it.

If you haven’t picked up on this by now, I think massage is great.  I began thinking of things that massage is better than.  So here, in no particular order (or maybe there is an order, for you secret code-breakers out there) is –

100 things that massage is better than.

1- It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye.  This is an old hillbilly saying, courtesy of my dad.

2- It’s better than being stuck in traffic.

3- It’s better than not getting a good night’s sleep.

4- It’s better than having a disease named after you.

5- It’s better than letting a repetitive activity cause you pain.  Massage can work as maintenance and put muscles back in their proper place.

6- It’s better than turning your phone on silent, then forgetting where you put it, so you can’t call it and hear it go off.

7- It’s better than having your muscles tied up in knots.

8- It’s better than getting a flat tire in the rain.

9- It’s better than not being able to find your glasses.

10- It’s better than having a headache.  Massage provides relief from tension headaches to migraines.

11- It’s better than having an inane song stuck in your head.

12- It’s better than working on your taxes.

13- It’s better than having dry skin.  Massage helps gives you softer and more moisturized skin.

14- It’s better than watching scary movies on Friday the 13th during a full moon in a creepy house all by yourself.

15- It’s better than letting a little problem develop into a big one.  Massage can keep small problems in their place.  Big problems develop by ignoring them when they are small.

16- It’s better than being under so much pressure that volcanoes are jealous of you.

17- It’s better than having your tongue stuck to a frozen pole like the kid in “A Christmas Story”.

18- It’s better than getting sunburned.  Especially on your feet.  That’s so annoying.

19- It’s better to smile than to scowl.  Massage lets you remember where you left your smile.

20- It’s better than a stiff neck.

21- It’s better than changing diapers.

22- It’s better than waiting in line, especially in the express line behind people who have too many items.

23- It’s better to breathe deeply than short, shallow breaths.  Deep breathing helps you relax and slow down.  You can do this anytime and anywhere.  Well maybe not while under water or being chased by an angry rhino.

24- It’s better than feeling like you have no energy.  Massage can help you feel good so you want to do more.

25- It’s better than not being aware of your body.  You feel better after a massage, so you begin to notice when something starts to hurt.  A small change can prevent future painful problems.

26- It’s better than somebody telling you the ending of a movie that you want to see.

27- It’s better than feeling like a piece of uncooked spaghetti – all stiff and inflexible.  Wouldn’t it be better to feel like a cooked piece, all loose and limber?  Massage can do that without stuffing you in a pot of boiling water.

28- It’s better than having a paper cut.

29- It’s better to sing than snarl.  Even if you just sing to yourself, sing.

30- It’s better than having jaw pain.

31-It’s better than being on the wrong side of the bathroom door.

32- It’s better than political commercials.  Even politicians don’t like them.  The crime rate would go down if that’s all prisoners got to watch on TV and listen to.

33- It’s better to feel like you can move fluidly and gracefully than to feel stiff and clumsy.

34- It’s better than holding a grudge.  Is it that big of a deal?  Can you let it go and feel better?

35- It’s better than being wound up tight.  Loosen up your body and mind and feel the freedom of movement, energy, and thought.

36- It’s better than not getting the joke people around you are laughing at.  It’s OK, some of them didn’t get it either.

37- It’s better than that recurring weird dream.  You know the one.

38- It’s better than shoes that are too tight.

39- It’s better than feeling anxiety.  Massage helps calm everything down.

40- It’s better than having a sore shoulder.  Or two sore shoulders.

41- It’s better than going to the dark side.

42- It’s better than breaking the shoestrings in every shoe you own on the same day and the only footwear you have are diving flippers.

43- It’s better than waking up in pain.  That’s a crummy way to start your day.

44- It’s better than a late rush assignment on Friday that makes you work on the weekend.

45- It’s better than trying to carry the weight of responsibilities all of the time.  Massage gives you a time to put them down for a while.  When you pick them up again, they may not seem so heavy.

46- It’s better than having to rhyme everything you say.

47- It’s better than having a bad habit.  Massage can make you feel better and want to do better.

48- It’s better than a camping trip in a thunderstorm.

49- It’s better than having arthritis pain.

50- It’s better than not being able to turn your head.  Turning your whole body to look to the side doesn’t count.

51- It’s better than being boring.  Get a massage to feel good, then go do something!

52- It’s better than losing your car keys.  Or house keys.  Or piano keys.

53- It’s better than feeling unproductive.  Get rid of some pain and stress and get more done.

54- It’s better than hitting a skunk with your car.  Or with anything really.

55- It’s better than being deprived of touch.  Touch is a basic human need and many people don’t get enough in their daily lives.  Massage is a safe way to receive the touch you may be lacking.

56- It’s better than dwelling on your problems.  Massage helps clear your mind and allow solutions in.

57- It’s better than having bad posture.  Getting loosened up helps you have good posture.

58- It’s better than finding out somebody ate the last piece of chocolate or the last cookie.

59- It’s better than having your shoulders up by your ears.  Let them go back down where they belong.  They like it better there.

60- It’s better than back pain.  No, bending your back is not overrated.

61- It’s better than having howler monkeys who have an ongoing argument with a pack of coyotes take up residence outside your bedroom window every night.

62- It’s better than getting a computer virus.

63- It’s better than finishing shoveling your driveway in the winter then have the snow plow push more snow in.

64- It’s better than somebody always correcting your grammar.  The grammar police are not allowed in the massage room with you.

65- It’s better than feeling stressed.  Stress makes everything harder.

66- It’s better than having a picture of you turn into an internet meme.

67- It’s better than a mosquito buzzing in your ear when you are about to fall asleep.

68- It’s better than losing the TV remote.  Even worse if it is political commercial season.

69- It’s better than needing to take pills for pain regularly.  Even if you own stock in the pill companies.

70- It’s better than foot pain.  Foot massage can help all parts of your legs, and even your hips and back feel better.

71- It’s better than feeling grumpy and crotchety.  Relieve some stress and try acting with kindness and you will probably get some back.

72- It’s better than being attacked by pirates.  I bet those guys would feel better if they got a massage.

73- It’s better than giving up on a dream or a goal.  Feel better and try again!

74- It’s better than thinking you wrote something important in invisible ink but it wasn’t.

75- It’s better than not being listened to.  When you come in I will give you my full attention the whole time.  Nothing else is as important to me as you are.  You came in for a reason.  You deserve to be heard and get the service you need.

76- It’s better than having a whistle in your nose, a frog in your throat, and the hiccups all at the same time.

77- It’s better than having poison ivy.  A lot.

78- It’s better than trying to read the fine print in a contract, or reading the license agreements from computer software.

79- It’s better than being in a foul mood.  In just an hour your day can turn around.

80- It’s better than calf pain.  From your leg, not a small cow, although I guess a small cow could hurt you, so it’s better than that too.

81- It’s better than trying to remember all of your computer passwords.

82- It’s better than college tuition, or student loan bills.

83- It’s better than living in the past or worried about the future.  Massage helps you be in the present.

84- It’s better than having everything you own covered in glitter.

85- It’s better than thinking that nobody cares about you.  Although we may not be close friends or even see each other outside of your appointments, you are important to me.

86- It’s better than living with regret.  What is it that you really want?  Go for it!

87- It’s better than having your mind feel fogged up.  I always feel like I can think much more clearly after a massage.

88- It’s better than going back to work sore after weekend home project or sports adventures.

89- It’s better than accidentally sending that email you wrote to get your anger out.

90- It’s better than hip and leg pain.

91- It’s better than walking barefoot across a floor covered in Lego pieces.  In the dark.

92- It’s better than pulling weeds from your garden.

93- It’s better than watching TV.  Unless maybe it’s Bugs Bunny.  He’s hard to beat.  You can find those online after your massage though.

94- It’s better than your cereal getting all soggy or your eggs getting cold.

95- It’s better than living with chronic pain.  Massage can’t cure everything but it can make daily living better and give you a way to manage it.

96- It’s better than always trying to be perfect.  Come on, nobody can do that.  The people you care about aren’t perfect and don’t expect you to be either.

97- It’s better than a bad haircut.

98- It’s better than having to do something for somebody.  Anybody.  It gives you an entire hour, all to yourself, that you are responsibility free.

99- It’s better than keeping a poor body image.  Massage lets your body feel good which makes it easier to have a better image.

100- It’s better than reading a long list of things on a blog post.

What do you think massage is better than?  Leave a comment or tell me on your next visit.

Barry is a licensed massage therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson Ohio.  You can learn more at



Massage and Bumper Cars

Most of us have been to an amusement park and driven the bumper cars.  It’s a fun activity that doesn’t provide much threat of danger.

You know when you get in the car that you are going to get hit – probably many times.  There are too many other cars that are driving all over to avoid being hit ever.  It’s not a race and there are no lanes that drivers are supposed to stay in.  You can be driving along minding your own business when suddenly somebody hits you from the side or behind.  We can usually see the head-on ones coming and try to miss them.  Your friends or family may gang up on you, or complete strangers hit you.

So you get bumped a few times.  Even getting hit by somebody going full speed doesn’t hurt since the cars have padding and seat belts.  The hits are not a personal attack.  The ride is designed so you are going to get hit and to allow you to hit other cars.

Life can be like bumper cars.  You are working and living your life and suddenly a stressful situation hits you from the side.  Somebody from behind comes up and gives you additional responsibilities that you didn’t see coming.  Problems come at you from family, friends, health, work, and society.  You can’t see them all coming and prepare, and you can’t avoid them all.

Pains that started out small grow into major ones gradually.  The occasional headache becomes a daily one.  The twinge in your neck now makes it hard to turn your head.  An incident from exercise or activity that you thought would go away doesn’t, and instead has decided to move in for a long visit.

Massage can help with the bumper car syndrome.  It gives you some safe time for yourself when nothing is going to hit you unexpectedly.  It helps you realize that you need to expect some bumps along the way.  The bumps in life can hit much harder than bumper cars and we are not always buckled up and prepared for the hits.

Along with reducing stress, massage can also help with the physical pains from the collisions of life.  The tension in your muscles is reduced, allowing you to move much more freely and easier.  Some headaches are muscle related, so relieving that tension helps to keep the headache from coming back.  Muscles get tight and shortened from inactivity and need some relief.  Muscles that get overused from activity need relief to let them work properly.

Bumper cars are fun once in a while, but it wouldn’t be fun if that is how we got around all the time.  Massage is a great way to deal with the bumps that hit us along the way.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at


Pulling weeds

We routinely do many things, such as going to the dentist, exercising, watching what you eat, car maintenance, washing clothes, lawn and garden care, and cleaning our house.

Not all of them are things that we look forward to.  Some take up part of our valuable time that we would like to spend on something else.  Others we may even put off as long as we can.  Some cost money we would rather spend elsewhere.

Why do things you don’t want to do?

One answer is to consider what would happen if we didn’t do those things.  First, on a smaller scale, we allow small problems to become big ones.  If you don’t clean your house for months, when you do start it has turned into an intimidating job.  You are disappointed that you have to spend so much time on it and wish you had spent a little time here and there keeping up with it.

If you don’t pull the weeds from your flower beds, the weeds take over.  You end up with many more weeds than flowers.  The beauty of the flowers can’t be seen as well because of the weeds.  The weeds take the resources away from the flowers and choke them out.

Second and more importantly, serious and expensive problems develop.  It costs much less to keep a car in good condition than to get extensive repairs or to replace it.  Dental problems develop from negligence.  Significant health problems can occur if we are inactive and have a poor diet.

Just as you regularly take care of things that are important to you, massage is a way to take care of the most valuable thing – you.  It gives you a little time to yourself and relieves your stress (and why would it be a good idea to stay stressed?).  It helps your aches and pains and lets your body heal itself.  It helps keep small problems from turning into bigger ones.

People who get massage regularly understand it is not an occasional treat.  If needed you can acquire another vehicle, home, or other possession.  You only have one body so give it the care it needs.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

Get untangled and cleaned up

Imagine that you walk into your home one day and you notice how messy it is.  There are dirty clothes laying around and all tangled together.  There is clutter everywhere you look.  Somebody has been using things and not putting them away.  Somebody else hasn’t been doing enough cleaning and washing the dishes.

So you call your expert service to help you out.  You take some time for yourself while they get things back in order.  Sounds terrific, doesn’t it?

When you come back, you realize the mess had been bigger than you thought.  Not only were the big problems taken care of, but other smaller things that hadn’t been as noticeable before were also.  Your expert service providers were thorough and everything now looks great.

You realize it has been quite a while since everything was cleaned and put away properly.  You like it this way and decide to stay on top of things and not it get so messy again.

Now instead of your home, think about yourself.  Your muscles are all stiff, tight, and feel all tangled and knotted up.  Your mind feels cluttered which makes it hard to concentrate.

So now call your other expert – your massage therapist.  Again you can have some time for yourself with no responsibilities while I do the work.  Your muscles will find relief and can go back to their natural positions.  The quiet time for yourself can help you clear the clutter from your mind, providing stress relief and allow you to think clearly again.

I will give attention to the areas you say need it, but you may find that other areas were in need of work too.  You just weren’t aware of them since the main problem bothered you so much.  I will be thorough and when you are done you can feel much better.

Regular massage helps you to keep feeling great.  Just like your home, a big tangled mess and lots of clutter takes longer to clear up.  Once you feel good after a massage, keep it going by coming back on a set schedule.  A nice bonus is that you always have your next massage to look forward to.

Are you ready to start?  Contact me and you can get untangled and the clutter cleared.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at